CBD Protein, what is it?

CBD protein combines all the well-known benefits of protein powder with an added CBD boost. Build lean muscle, boost your energy levels and recover quickly from your workouts with high quality protein while reducing stress and anxiety thanks to the benefits of CBD. It’s the smarter, better way to improve your fitness.

What is CBD Protein?

If you work out regularly, you’ll already be familiar with protein supplements – whether it’s a powder, a shake or a bar, you’ll understand that protein is one of the key building blocks your body uses to create new lean muscle as you exercise.

And protein powders come from a variety of sources. There’s whey powders, which take the natural proteins found in milk and put them into a form that your body can easily access and use. There are protein isolates that further process whey protein to remove more of the lactose and sugars to make it easy to fit this protein powder into your diet, and increasingly there are vegan protein powders which use grains, pulses and soy as their protein sources.

CBD protein is a combination of one of these products with cannabidiol – CBD – a naturally occurring compound from the hemp or cannabis plant that medical researchers are discovering has a huge range of benefits for your body.

But what are those benefits?

CBD Protein

What are the benefits of CBD Protein?

Ask at any gym, and they’ll be able to tell you the benefits of a protein shake after your workout. But ask about CBD, and they might not know what to tell you. But we know CBD protein, so we know the benefits of both:

Benefits of Protein for exercise

Easier weight management

Faster lean muscle growth

Quicker post-exercise recovery

Better, healthier nutrition

Benefits of CBD for exercise

Reduced anxiety and stress

Better muscle relaxation

Lowered inflammation

Reduced muscle soreness and pain

As you can see, the benefits of protein and the benefits of CBD work together, helping you get more from your exercise regime.

If the protein is the fuel that your exercise regime turns into lean muscle, CBD is the oil in your engine that helps you work out harder and for longer without getting too tired, too sore, or too stressed.

CBD Protein doesn’t just help you work out harder and longer, it helps you recover quicker, so you feel better after a session at the gym. It can even help prevent DOMS entirely, meaning you can be back on the weights in no time.

And even better, medical experts think that adding CBD supplements to your diet can have a range of other benefits too. You’ll sleep better, giving your body more time to recover and rebuild after a tough workout. You could be more resistant to a whole range of diseases, meaning you’ll be happier, healthier, and ready to face the day.

And because you’re less stressed out, your life away from the gym will be happier and healthier too.

How can you add CBD Protein to your exercise and nutrition regime?

Adding CBD Protein to your exercise and nutrition regime is simple. You swap out your regular protein supplement for a CBD Protein replacement, to get all of the extra benefits.

And don’t worry that CBD comes from the hemp plant. It won’t get you high or leave you feeling stoned. It’s completely safe to drink a CBD protein shake and drive home from the gym, and there’s no risk of failing a drugs test.

That’s because CBD is a totally different compound to THC – that’s the chemical that has a psychoactive effect on people. All suppliers in Europe and the USA use plants that are bred to have very low concentrations of THC, and this is then removed during processing to create almost pure CBD.

Then it’s simply a matter of choosing a CBD protein supplement that’s right for you, and adding it to your daily regime. And because we know CBD protein, we’re always happy to recommend the very best products on the market.

What types of CBD Protein Supplements are Available?

When it comes to adding supplements to your workout and fitness regime, you’re spoiled for choice. Whether you’ve been working out for years or you’ve just decided to make a lifestyle change, chances are that you’ll be familiar with the range of protein supplements available on the market.

There are protein powders, protein shakes and protein drinks for a quick and easy boost, and protein snacks and protein bars to help you hit your daily macros while you’re on the go. Even easier, a quick glance at the local supermarket will show you dozens of options for protein-enriched chocolate bars and sweets so you can treat yourself without messing up your macros.

The market for CBD supplements is also expanding. You can find CBD tinctures and CBD oil, CBD gummies and even CBD vape liquids. There’s also a growing market for CBD coffee and CBD energy drinks to help you enjoy all of the benefits of CBD quickly and easily.

But if you want to combine the benefits of a protein supplement with that CBD, your options are slightly more limited. You can’t cram a gummy full of protein, and none of us want to chug down a fizzy drink before a tough workout. When it comes to CBD protein supplements, you have three main choices:

CBD tongue drops

CBD Protein Powder

A blend of high quality protein, enriched with CBD to give you everything you need to exercise harder and recover faster. Most CBD protein powders are also packed with fibre, minerals, and extra supplements like Omega 3 to help your body even more. You prepare this powder like you would any protein powder – mixing with water and blending or shaking to create your preferred protein drink. Or you can mix it into your food. The choice is yours.

Recommended CBD Protein Powders:

CBD Performance - Protein

CBD Performance - Approx £25 on Amazon

CBD Protein Powder Infused with the highest quality CBD. 1000mg CBD in a delicious vanilla flavour. High in protein from 3 different sources for optimum nutrient intake. Vegan friendly with 0% THC, this is the ideal protein powder to be. Over 18’s only.

Protein Drinks and Shakes, just add CBD

Don’t have time to mix up a batch of protein powder before your workout? There are a range of protein drinks available on the market for you to enjoy. Pre-mixed for ease and convenience, simply pop your shake into your gym bag as you’re heading out of the door and enjoy all the benefits of a powder with none of the hassle. Just add your CBD drops and shake.

Recommended Protein Drinks and Shakes:


Grenade High Protein Shake, 8 x 330 ml - Approx £15 on Amazon

You can consume the Carb Killa protein shake at any time of the day. A great post-workout pick me up or the perfect snack to keep you going throughout your busy day, this protein shake can be enjoyed at any occasion but should always be consumed as part of a balanced diet.

CBD Protein Bars

For the ultimate in convenience – and to keep hunger at bay and stop you from ruining your carefully calibrated diet – you can’t go wrong picking up a CBD protein bar. These pocket-sized snacks are crammed with muscle-building protein from a range of sources, as well as invigorating CBD to help you with your post-workout recovery. It’s as simple as unwrapping a bar and taking a bite.

Recommended CBD Protein Bars:

cbd cookie

CBDfx 20mg CBD Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie - Approx £3 on Amazon

If CBD gummies aren’t your niche, we are sure that these delicious CBDfx 20mg chocolate chip vegan protein CBD cookie is everything you need to get your daily intake of CBD oil. Whether you’re just looking to indulge in some gooey chocolate, enhance your workout, or get a little energy boost, these cookies combine 20mg of premium CBD with 13 grams of vegan protein, Whether you’re just looking to indulge in a deliciously, calming snack, or enhance your workout with a side of high-energy protein, our CBD cookies deliver everything you need and more. Available in three unique flavours‚ÄîChocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal Raisin‚Äîwill give any long-lost family recipe a run for its money! And a little bit of muscle-building protein never hurts. Each delicious cookie provides 20mg of premium CBD oil as well as 13g of vegan protein. Whether you’re just looking to indulge in a deliciously, calming snack, or enhance your workout with a side of high-energy protein, our CBD cookies deliver everything you need and more.CBD Cookies are a delicious and enjoyable way to get your day’s supply of CBD. This cookie is also loaded with tasty chocolate chips. All-Natural Ingredients, Soy-Free and Vegan. This product is not suitable for persons aged under 18.

However you choose to add this supplement to your exercise and nutrition regime, you can trust CBDProtein.co.uk to find you the best products on the market – at the best price. If you want to add all the benefits of CBD protein to your workout and nutrition regime, you need to know where to start. CBDProtein.co.uk searches for the best deals on the best quality CBD-infused protein supplements. From protein shakes and drinks to plant-based protein bars, if it’s out there – and it works – we’ll find it. 

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